Simple Funding Proposals

Requests for funding can be made directly on the Web site. The form for funding proposals includes details such as the amount needed, description of usage, and contact information.

Web-Based Software
Fund-It software can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and an SSL-enabled browser.

Secure Administrative Area

Authorized personnel can approve, amend, or reject proposals online, and proposals are posted for the general public to view only after approval.

Searchable Database

It’s easy for donors to search for proposals based on specific criteria. Donors can also see the amount requested and the amount still needed for full funding.

Online Donations

Donations can be made online for either all or a portion of a specific proposal through the use of a credit card. A notice is sent to the site administrator each time a donation is made.

Automated Removal

Fully funded proposals are automatically removed from the public view, and a notice is sent to the site administrator as well as the individual who posted the proposal.